What To Expect

Our Commitment

Our clients' interests are our interests and we are dedicated to delivering a professional service that lends to our clients' success.

In other words, we get the job done, and we get it done well.

Who We Serve

  1. Website owners who wish to delegate the technical responsibilities for their websites, and
  2. Web development companies who wish to outsource the technical care of their client websites.

What We Provide

  1. An economical alternative to hiring in-house technical website support, and
  2. Hands-on, real person technical expertise with over twenty years of online experience.

Questions & Answers

Some common questions and answers...

We welcome your pre-purchase enquiries.  Use our secure form to send us your questions and we will reply at our earliest opportunity.

We can certainly provide an initial review of your website and provide you with recommendations.  We may have some questions ourselves that help provide a clearer assessment of your website environment.

We do.  And we would also provide a custom pricing following our initial assessment that adjusts in your favour since multi-sites are housed under a single WordPress installation.  In other words, if your multi-site houses 10 single websites the price would not be 10 times the price of one plan.  Rather it would be a reduced multiple determined in our assessment.

You can, but your website would need to be cleaned of all malware before we could begin the Maintenance service.

You can have the website cleaned yourself or you can purchase Service Hours and we can take care of that for you.  We recommend purchasing one hour so that we can do an initial review and either clean the malware or notify you with an estimate to complete the cleaning.

We have found pre-payment to be more efficient than invoicing for payment afterwards.  It reduces our administrative overhead which in turn allows us to devote more of our time to the actual service work.

We understand the hesitancy to pre-pay for our services, but we enjoy a favourable and trusted reputation amongst all our clients, and we have that reputation because we have worked diligently to earn it.  All our clients know that they will receive the service they pay for and we are confident in our service delivery.

However, we invite and welcome any questions you might have before contracting our service.  Please contact us with your questions and we will try to have answers that satisfy your concerns.


We allow up to 48 hours to commence work on service requests.  We strive to complete those requests within that 48 hours, however depending on the complexity of the service we at the very least ensure that work has commenced within 48 hours of the initial request.

UserTutor Corporation provides the administrative services we need, such as payment processing and subscription management.  By them handling these functions we can devote our time specifically to our service work.

In short, you are paying TheTechPlex at checkout.

Service Terms

All service purchases are subject to these Service Terms

Services Delivery

We deliver our website services in accordance with the following:

  • We strive for a 48-hour turnover time on updates to content and design.  More often than not we complete such updates sooner, but you can expect that we begin our work within 48 hours of your initial request with completion based on the amount of updates required.
  • Website updates to core files, themes, and plugins are performed on a daily basis.  We are hands-on for these updates so that in the event of a server glitch or coding error in an update we can restore site operation almost immediately and address the issue which caused the error.
  • At the close of each month, in the first week following, we provide a report of the work performed during that month.  The report is an overview that summarizes the work performed and which allows you to regularly evaluate the extent of your service needs.
  • A support account will be available on our website where you can log in and request updates or report issues, and track the progress as we attend to and complete or resolve those items.

Service Parameters

Our website services are defined within the following parameters:

  • Service prices are calculated based upon our hourly rate of $75.00 per hour.  That means you can expect a minimum service delivery as follows:
    WordPress Maintenance Basic - 3 hours per month
    WordPress Maintenance Plus - 8 hours per month
    WordPress Maintenance Complete - 14 hours per month
  • Where services required exceed those monthly parameters we reserve the right to either perform the additional work as a courtesy, or to discuss any additional billing where deemed necessary.
  • We do not account as hours applied for any research and testing we perform in the course of delivering our regular day to day services.  Such research and testing is just something we do to help ensure successful service delivery.
  • Service hours are not accumulable.  They cannot be banked and rolled over to another month, although our time estimates for each service are derived from our years of active service delivery and we are confident full service+ is delivered every month.
  • With the exception of Support Hours, each service is delivered as a monthly subscription.  That subscription is one that you can opt to cancel at any time.  And should you opt to cancel the subscription we will continue to deliver your service until the end of that subscription month.
  • The $75.00 one-time setup fee is non-refundable.  It is applied to our initial evaluation of your website and our maintenance planning.
  • Monthly subscription payments are non-refundable when service has already commenced in the month payment is applicable to.  In the rare event of a payment being processed in a subsequent month following a cancellation of service, that payment is fully refundable.

Service Environment

The following conditions are required or applicable to service delivery:

  • We begin all service work with an initial assessment of the website and require access credentials to the website and the hosting account.
  • We install specific plugins for security and website management which greatly assist our service delivery.  These plugins are tested and trusted, and used extensively in our work.
  • Where a website is infected with malware an initial cleaning will be required before commencing services.  An additional cost will be incurred at an amount to be determined and agreed upon.
What We Do

We specialize in WordPress website management, ensuring your site remains secure and optimized for peak performance.