WordPress Installation

From: $110.00 CAD

Secured, backed up installation of your new WordPress website or multi-site.



Installed and secured WordPress installation for single websites and for multi-site applications.

Need additional websites within your multi-site? Purchase Service Hours based on one hour per 5 sites installation.

Important: Linux hosting with MySQL/MariaDB database required for all installations.

Need hosting?  UserTutor Hosting & Domains

Require a fully managed solution? Nositeunseen Network

We will always be available for follow up questions and concerns through our support ticket system.

Product Includes

  • Setup of MySQL database
  • Install latest version of WordPress core files
  • Configure additional security rules
  • Install security plugins
  • Ensure all updates and upgrades
  • Multi-site - subdirectory installation (default), or
  • Multi-site - subdomain installation (requires static IP)
  • Multi-site - install initial pattern site for replicating
  • Multi-site - install domain mapping plugin
  • Multi-site - install site cloning plugin

*Linux hosting and MySQL/MariaDB database required


What is a single site?
A single site is a single WordPress installation that supports only one website.

What is a multi-site?
A multi-site is a single WordPress installation that supports one or more websites where each website shares the same WordPress core files.

What does the quantity selector apply to?
For both single and multi-site, the quantity is how many single WordPress installations being installed.  For example, if you have three separate instances of WordPress to be installed, whether they support single or multiple sites, you would select a quantity of 3.  A single WordPress installation that supports multiple sites is still just a quantity of 1, as is a single WordPress installation that supports only one site.

What if a multi-site requires more than the main and pattern websites?
For additional sites supported on a single WordPress installation, then after purchasing 1 Multi-site WordPress Installation, additional sites would be added by purchasing Service Hours based on 1 hour per 5 sites per installation.  For example, a single WordPress multi-site installation supporting 20 additional sites would require:

  • 1 WordPress Installation, Multi-site
    includes main and pattern sites - $220.00
  • 4 Service Hours, WordPress Installation (5 sites)
    includes the additional 20 sites - $220.00