Support Management

From: $165.00 CAD

Worry free support management of your new or existing WordPress websites



Your website will be continually monitored, with automated scans performed on a regular basis.  Alerts and notifications are sent out immediately on any occurrence, and a technician will quickly attend to the issue.

A visual inspection is conducted daily as part of our rounds where we will confirm that your website is online and performing as expected.

Updates, upgrades and backups are performed minimally once a month.  Visual reviews and manual scans are also conducted regularly, and assessments are made for implementing preventative measures, and recommendations for improvement are provided.

Important: You will only pay for what you agree to.

Our commitment to your interests can see us perform services beyond the scope of your original plan.  That is our choice.  You will never be invoiced for any work that you have not authorized.

Have more than 10 websites within your multi-site? Purchase Service Hours based on 1 hour per 2 sites per year.

Have more than 250 sites in your multi-site?  Use the form in the sidebar to request a quote.  We will reply within one business day.

Product Includes

  • Daily scans
  • Performance monitoring
  • Scheduled backups
  • Alerts and notification system
  • Regular updates and upgrades
  • Technician support*
  • Repair if required*
  • Hardened security rules
  • Security plugin

*Our technicians are well versed in the web programming languages


What is a single site?
A single site is a single WordPress installation that supports only one website.

What is a multi-site?
A multi-site is a single WordPress installation that supports one or more websites where each website shares the same WordPress core files.

What does the quantity selector apply to?
For both single and multi-site, the quantity is how many single WordPress installations being serviced.  For example, if you have three separate installations of WordPress to be managed, whether they support single or multiple sites, you would select a quantity of 3.  A single WordPress installation that supports multiple sites is still just a quantity of 1, as is a single WordPress installation that supports only one site.

What if a multi-site supports more than the maximum 10 websites?
For additional sites supported on a single WordPress installation, then after purchasing 1 Multi-site Support Management, additional sites would be added by purchasing Service Hours based on 1 hour per 2 sites per year.  For example, a single WordPress multi-site supporting 20 sites: Support Management for one year would require:

  • 1 Support Management, Multi-site for 1 year
    includes 10 sites - $660.00
  • 5 Service Hours, Support Management (2 sites)
    includes the additional 10 sites - $275.00